15 March 2017

NEWS - Loser - 1974 - Hamden, Ct, U.S.A. - Folk Rock

Privately pressed in 1974. From Acid Archives: Excellent and still fairly unknown LP on the same local CT label as D R Hooker. The bulk of it is terrific 1960s westcoast-flavored folkrock with a dreamy psych vibe and good vocal harmonies. I'm reminded of other 60s-in-the-70s trips such as Creme Soda or the good tracks on Spur more than anything else, with lyrics that show the retro feel to be deliberate on the band's part, openly referring to old songs by the Byrds, the Beatles, etc. Not sure what they were aiming for with this, but it does produce an appealing sound. Another reference point is Merrel Fankhauser in his melodic '66-67 phase. Opening track of random radio chatter is unfortunate and may have turned some buyers off, and there is a so-so Creedence ripoff on side 2, but apart from that -- meaning 8 tracks out of 10 -- this is a delight. Recommended to any fan of melodic 60s sounds

Τα εξώφυλλα...

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