16 March 2017

Lectric Music Revolution - Future Is Past - 1969 - Guelph, ON, Canada - Psychedelic Rock

LP:Lectric Music Revolution
Label: Maraton Music Incorporated  ALS 331
Acid Archives
''Moody late beat and folkrock with an occasional dark psych/lounge feel, from older guys who look ridiculous in "hip" mod gear on the sleeve, and don't sound entirely comfortable with the music they're playing. The LP has a number of great, understated downer trips that are reminiscent of New Dawn and Mississippi, plus a few lighter pop/top 40 tracks that have been put down but don't sound that bad to me. "Tanya Canya" on side 2 is a spine-chilling classic, and the album as a complete package hits an unusual spot which makes it memorable; burnt-out c & w musicians trying to catch the 60s train 4 years too late? Some rate this very highly and the reissue's worth checking out.''
Jack MacDonald, Dennis Richardson, Manny Slaunwhite

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