11 March 2017

Greer - Between Two Worlds -1973 - North Carolina - Classic Rock

From the cd reissue by EREBUS RECORDS

''As the story goes, Winston-Salem native Greer met South Carolina native Don Dixon their freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill. With the help of Greer's hometown pal Robert Kirkland and drummer Jimmy Glasgow they started Arrogance. Their first single released at the end of '69 "Black Death/An Estimation" was one of the first DIY releases and set the stage for such bands as Sneakers, H-Bombs, and later the dB's and Let's Active.

I'm not exactly sure of how it all went down but somehow Greer released this solo album in '73 with the help of his fellow Arrogance buddies along with Wes Locke and David Niblock.

Band Members:

Mike Greer - Guitars, Moog, Organ, Background Vocal
Robert Kirkland - Vocal
Wesley (Bobby) Locke - Drums
David Niblock - Bass
Don A. Dixon - Background Vocal''

ALBUM: Between Two Worlds
Label:Sugarbush SBS-109   1973

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