06 March 2017

Fire - The Magic Shoemaker - 1970 England - Progressive Rock

This is a song cycle about a shoemaker who creates a pair of magical shoes that allow him to fly (like a bird in the sky). He takes his magic shoes and flies to see the King, so he can tell him not to go to war. Alas, such a mission is but a dream, only a dream. 

Released in 1970 on Pye (catalog no. NSPL 18343; Vinyl LP). Genres: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock.

Fire was a late 1960s/early 1970s band that consisted of Dave Lambert (who later joined Strawbs), Bob Voice and Dick Duffall (Paul Brett Sage). Brett himself joined them for their now classic Magic Shoemaker LP recorded at Pye Studios London, in 1970. This vinyl LP has been in the UK's top 10 of collectable vinyl, being listed in Millers Antique Collectable guide. A 2008 archival release, The Magic Shoemaker Live, features live recordings of the original Fire line up, plus Paul Brett and Dave Cousins (Strawbs), with Ray Hammond as the narrator.

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