12 March 2017

Eric Burdon - Woman Of The Rings -1977 - U.K. - Classic Rock

Η κορυφαία Rock φωνή σε μια τραγουδάρα του 1977...
Από τον χρήστη TheMultisuperstarr
Eric Burdon - Woman Of The Rings

Alvina, spirit woman of the rings,
spirit woman from Kansas with a soul that sings.
Tell me baby baby, where you've been so long,
seen nothin' but trouble since you been gone.
Alvina with your master's eye around your neck,
looked everywhere baby, but I ain't seen you yet.
Heard you were in Africa, then again Spain
Heard you went to Texas and you brought the rain.

I remember you, down on the boulevard,
head held high, proud of your gypsie heart,
St. Cyr took you under her wings,
you grew up into a woman of the rings.

I still wear your bracelet upon my wrist,
I still carry the memory of your kiss,
can I see you one more time just to give it back?
For to give and to take is to surely be on the right track,
Alvina I'll give all my lovin' to you,
protect you 'till our lives are both over and through
I believed I talked to you last night in my dreams,
I felt you lay beside me, Lawd you were my gypsie queen.

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