15 March 2017

Caedmon - Sea Song - 1978 - Edinburgh Scotland - Psychedelic Folk (Lyrics)

Named after a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon poet-monk, CAEDMON began as a trio of veterinary students from Edinburgh University in 1973. The group's early repertoire consisted of traditional folk and spirituals, as well as cover tunes. The band expanded to a quartet the following year and managed to stretch out their touring career nearly six years before disbanding where they began (at Edinburgh) in 1978. The band's only studio album came as a result of a self-financed and produced private label recording with a pressing of just 500 copies

All alone as you're waving goodbye to the world The colored flags flutter and fly The thoughts that were dreams of the past are not gone But their memory's beginning to die And you wish that the journey would not take so long But you know it's the way it must be For you are who you are and he is who he is And between you both, lies the sea All alone, the waves kick at the side of the boat  And the salt blinds your eyes for a while  The flags are all gone with the wind and the waves  And it seems like the right place to smile But traces of memories still cling like a mist  And faces you want to be free  So you turn where the sailors of water and sky  Journey with you cross the sea All alone at the helm as the days become hours  The hours sail quietly away  And words are just turns on the breeze as she blows  And winds her way through the spray And you wonder at those left behind on the shore  And the sailors are clowns, come and see  Come and stare as he stumbles the steps of his life  And chases his soul cross the sea Instrumental Solo All alone stands the clown with tears in his eyes  And stares to the east at the dawn  Where sky kisses sea who smiles in return  And the sun strokes her face with his warmth And all those you thought you could leave with the tide  Are now where you know you must be  And farewell is over, hello is today  And between you no more lies the sea.

Οι στίχοι προστέθηκαν από τον χρήστη Debra Ward στο κανάλι που ανέβασε το τραγούδι ladysonja και βέβαια είναι το καλλίτερο τραγούδι του δίσκου.

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