14 March 2017

Asylum - Deliverance - 1973 - Virginia Minnesota - Pop

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"This is one of those hyper-obscurities that the average collector will never see.  Back in 2005 an original copy sold on eBay for over $1,000.   So if you're interested in scoring a copy your best shots are winning a lottery, or looking for a reissue like the 2004 German World In Sound package.  The reissue choice in turn raises the whole issue of legitimacy ...  The liner notes indicate the LP was reissued under license from band member Bob King so I'm going on the assumption it's a legal reissue.

The biographical information I've seen says these five guys and gals (singer/guitarist Dan Dinkins, bassist  Bob King, singer/keyboardist Elaine LaZizza, special effects person Mac McNamara, drummer Ken Ward, and keyboadist Buddy Williamson) were students attending the Virginia Fork Union Military Academy.  Chafing under the school's military oriented environment they found common ground and refuge in the school's music room.  They apparently played local dances and raised enough cash to record an album before graduating.  Curiously the school still exists, but is an all-male institution so I'm guessing the two female band members were friends?

Recorded in 1973 you'll see a slew of reviews that label "First and Last" as west coast influence psychedelic.  Be forewarned that description is simply wrong.  That's not to say this album isn't good.  It is, but it's far more commercial than most dealers would want you to believe.  Handling most of the lead vocals, LaZizza was fantastic.  She had a big, bluesy, and sexy voice that bore more than a passing resemblance to Carole King.  Her performances where even more impressive in that she was still a teenager.  That said, the band must have been listening to quite a bit of King with a nod to Roberta Flack ('The First Time'), since band originals like 'Been Down That Road Too' and 'Deliverance' would have sounded right at home on "Tapestry".   'Course that's not going to be a major selling point for a lot of record collectors.  With Dinkins handling the rest of lead vocals, tracks like 'I Want You Everyday' and 'Help Me Be Someone' offered up a more rock oriented sound.  Note, I'm not talkin' heavy metal here as there was only one true guitar solo on the whole LP ('Help Me Be Someone'),  With those limitations in place, it was a set with more than it's share of charms.  These kids had more talent than scores of name bands.  Shame they weren't given a chance to record more material.  For audiophiles the sound and production qualities were excellent throughout (far better than you'd expect from a vanity project).  

"First and Last" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) I Want You Everyday   (Dan Dinkins - Ken Wand) - 
2.) Sometimes   (Dan Dinkins) - 
3.) Been Down That Road Too   (Elain LaZizza) - 
4.) I Will Be Free   (Dan Dinkins) - 
5.) The First Time   (Ewan MacCall) - 

(side 2)
1.) If
2.) Deliverance   (Dan Dinkins - Elaine LaZazza) - 
3.) Help Me Be Someone   (Dan Dinkins - Elaine LaZazza) - 
4.) The Last Song   (Dan Dinkins - Bob King) - 

No idea if it's the same guy, but there's a Dan Dinkins who released a mid-1990s CD "Scarecrow In the Rain" (Heater Records).  There's also a YouTube clip by Brian Lee that features a great guitar solo by a Dan Dinkins:


Last time I checked LaZizza-Cronin was married, living in Marion, Georgia, had two kids and remains active in local music.

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